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This article is about a/an power-up changer in Juken Sentai Gekiranger.
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Transformation Grip Super GekiClaw
Used by: GekiRed, GekiBlue, GekiYellow
Produced by: Miki Masaki
Production Order
Beast-Fist Transformation GekiChangers
Beast-Fist Transformation Brace GongChanger
"Super Beast On!"
―activation call[src]

The Transformation Grip Super GekiClaw (変身グリップスーパーゲキクロー Henshin Gurippu Sūpā GekiKurō?) is a hand-held, high-tech claw weapon that is powered by Extreme Fierce Ki. It's with this tool that the core Gekirangers can access their Super GekiRanger forms.

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