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This article is about a/an transformation device in Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.
Transformation Cellphone Zyuoh Changer
Still zyuohchanger05
Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger
Used by: Zyuohgers
Production Order
Strongest Ninja Sword Ninja Gekiatsuto
Three Beasts Awakening Zyuoh The Light
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Zyuoh Changer (Closed)

"Wild Instinct, Awaken!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

The Transformation Cellphone Zyuoh Changer (変身携帯ジュウオウチェンジャー Henshin Keitai Jūō Chenjā, Beast king Changer) is the Rubik's Cube-based transformation and summoning device of Zyuohgers. By twisting the upper section, the Zyuohgers are able to complete images on the Changer's faces, allowing them to perform different functions. Each function, when the Zyuoh Changer is opened, is shown in the top of the "screen" above the eagle's wings. The normal, unmatched form shows a green telephone reciever which enables the Zyuoh Cube to be used as a means of communication.

King's Credentials

King's Credential

The King's Credential

Main article: King's Credential

The King's Credential (王者の資格 Ōja no Shikaku) is the original form of the Zyuoh Changer. A set of six cubes that possess a mysterious power which protects the Zyumans, they originally maintained the link between Zyuland and the human world via the Link Cube gateway until one of them was stolen by Bud, who later gave it to the human child Yamato Kazakiri to safeguard him.

With the removal of one King's Credential, the Link Cube became dormant with four Zyumans, Sela, Leo, Tusk and Amu being assigned as its guardians, entrusted with a single King's Credential each. Many years later, as a young man, Yamato discovered the Link Cube and his King's Credential reacted to it, bringing him to Zyuland. Meeting the guardians who believed him to be a thief when they discovered the King's Credential in his possession, Yamato quickly made his escape back through the Link Cube as it was disturbed by the Deathgalien's invasion of the human world, with the four Zyumans in pursuit, recovering their own King's Credentials from the Link Cube as it was crippled by the Deathgalien. In the midst of this chaos, using the attack as a distraction, a clawed hand took the sixth King's Credential, sealing the gateway.

Now trapped in the human world, the Zyuman guardians discovered the power of their King's Credentials as they became the Zyuoh Changers, enabling them to fight the Deathgalien as the Zyuohgers. When Yamato joined them in opposing the invaders, his own King's Credential also transformed into a Zyuoh Changer, allowing him to lead the Zyuohgers as Zyuoh Eagle.

Following their first battle, the King's Credentials granted the four stranded Zyumans human forms for their protection. Ep. 1: The Exciting Animal Land

After the Zyuohgers finally destroyed Ginis, defeating the Deathgalien once and for all, Bud returned his Zyuoh Changer Final to the Link Cube along with the other King's Credentials, which had the unexpected effect of the Link Cube merging the two worlds into one, restoring the world to the union of humans and Zyumans prior to the Link Cube. Having been accepted by the Earth itself, the Zyuoh Changers were returned to the Zyuohgers. Final Ep.: Earth is Our Home

Button Layout


Still zyuohchanger02

Transformation Side

―Transformation Stand by announcement[src]

―Transformation sound[src]

To transform, the Zyouhgers press the red button and their corresponding numeric button, shout "Wild Instinct, Awaken!" (本能覚醒 Honnō Kakusei), rotate the Changer's top section to match its red face forming the team's emblem, and then open it to transform.


Still zyuohchanger03

Summoning Side

"Zyuoh Cu~be~!"
―Generic Summoning announcement[src]

"Cu~be (animal name)!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

To first summon the Zyuoh Cubes from the Zyuoh Changers, the Zyuohgers press the yellow button, the number of their respective cube, and then rotated the Changer's top section to match its yellow face, forming the image of a cube. Afterwards, the Changers' summoning mode was used to control the Zyuoh Cubes by inserting them into their consoles.


Still zyuohchanger04

Combination Side

"Eagle! Shark! Lion!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for ZyuohKing[src]

"Eagle! Elephant! Tiger!"
―Combination Stand by announce for ZyuohKing 1*5*4[src]

"Eagle! Shark! Elaphant!"
―Combination Stanby announcement for ZyuohKing 1*2*4[src]

"Eagle! Lion! Tiger!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for ZyuohKing 1*5*3[src]

"Eagle! Shark! Lion! Elephant! Tiger!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for ZyuohKing 1*2*3*4*5[src]

"Elephant! Tiger! Gorilla!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for ZyuohWild[src]

"Shark! Lion! Gorilla!"
―Combination Stand by announcement forZyuohWild 6*2*3[src]

"Lion! Tiger! Gorilla!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for ZyuohWild 6*5*3[src]

"Shark! Elephant! Gorilla!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for ZyuohWild 6*2*4[src]

"Lion! Elephant! Tiger! Gorilla!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for ZyuohWild Special[src]

"Eagle! Shark! Lion! Elephant! Tiger! Gorilla! Kirin! Mogura!"
―Combination Stand by announcement forWild ZyuohKing[src]

"Eagle! Shark! Lion! Elephant! Tiger! Gorilla! Crocodile! Wolf! Rhinos! Kirin! Mogura! Kuma! Komori!"
―Combination Stand by announcement for Wild Tousai King[src]

"3! 2! 1! ZyuohKin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohKing[src]

"4! 5! 1! ZyuohKin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohKing 1*5*4[src]

"4! 2! 1! ZyuohKin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohKing 1*2*4[src]

"3! 5! 1! ZyuohKin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohKing 1*5*3[src]

"5! 4! 3! 2! 1! ZyuohKin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohKing 1*2*3*4*5[src]

"4! 5! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild[src]

"3! 2! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild 6*2*3[src]

"3! 5! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild 6*5*3[src]

"4! 2! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild 6*2*4[src]

"4! 3! 5! 6! Zyu~oh~Wi~ld~!"
―Combination announcement for ZyuohWild Special[src]

"4! 3! 2! 5! 1! 6! Wild ZyuohKin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for Wild ZyuohKing[src]

"3! 4! 9! 5! 2! 7! 8! 6! 1! Wild Tousai Kin~g~!"
―Combination announcement for Wild Tousai King[src]

To combine their Zyuoh Cubes, one of the Zyuohgers presses the blue button, press any proper combination of numbers and rotate the Changer's top section to match its blue face, forming a robot head. The Changer shouts the numbers of each cube from bottom to top before shouting the name of the mecha.

Finishing Strike

When in the mecha, the Zyuohgers rotate their cubes to the team emblem and places them into the panels which results in a final blow to the opponent. This is the same side used to transform.


  • It is the first cell phone-based changer since ToQ 6gou's Applichanger from ToQger.
  • This is the first transformation/summoning device since the Go-Busters' Morphin Brace that does not feature the direct integration of a collectible gimmick. (Kyoryuger had Zyudenchi, ToQger had Ressha, and Ninninger had Nin Shuriken.)
  • This is the first transformation device with a function to combine the team's mechas since those of the Shinkengers to have said function as a standalone feature (the last transformation devices to have this feature, those of the Ninningers, needed the proper shuriken to initiate a combination).
  • As these came from the King's Credentials, this is one of the first instances where six possible changers are known to exist from the start.
  • The Zyuoh Changer's activation sound during transformation includes a loose sing-song variation of Tarzan's famous yell. This is fittingly appropriate, given that part of Zyuohger's series motif is nature and animals.
  • The Zyuoh Changer's design is based off the popular children's toy known as the Rubik's Cube. Five of the colors on the cube are Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and White. The final color Orange would be the color of Zyuoh Bird, whom would transform with Zyuoh Changer Final.



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