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Toxitea is a steam/kettle, enraenra themed contestant loyal to Galvanax and Madame Odius.

Character History

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Toxitea can brew a poison in her body that will kill the affected person by sundown unless they get the antidote. She can also shoot energy blasts that look like flaming teapots.

Behind the Scenes


  • She is a female, unlike her Sentai counterpart who was a male. She is one of the few monsters in Power Rangers who were originally a male in Super Sentai.


  • She is the second monster in Power Rangers to be themed after an enraenra after Gigertox (Oborojime, her Sentai counterpart is based after an enraenra). She is the only monster in Ninja Steel to not have final words before her destruction.Poisonous Plots
  • In latin America, the final words before her destruction are (spanish): "Y sí mejor nos tomamos un café". In english is, "And if better we had a coffee".

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