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Toome (トゥーミー Twūmī) is one of the many Daikaan of Space Shogunate Jark Matter who rule planet Earth.

Character History

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Powers and Abilities

  • Stealberry Light (スティールベリーライト Suthīruberīraito): Gems on his head which can detect birthday or shoot Birthday Beam (オタンジョウビーム Otanjōbīmu) to steal others birthday.
  • Booster: There are booster from his shoulder and back which allow him to fly.
  • Cream Attack (クリームアタック Kurīmuattaku): He can spray cream from his mouth, turning himself into Whole Cake Flight Form (ホールケーキ飛行形態 Hōrukēki Hikōkeitai) to tackle the enemy.


  • Birthliser (バースライサー Bāsuraisā): Two hand sword which can shoot energy slice.


  • Title: Daikaan of Earth
  • Born: Stonehen of Ara
  • Category: Mechanical Lifeform
  • Inrō: Right Hip
  • Favorites: Present and Cake
  • Aka: Monopolist of the Space

Behind the Scenes




concept art

  • His design is based on Stonehenge.
  • Given his modus operandi of stealing others' birthdays and claiming them as his own, Toome's name can be a pun derived from "Happy birthday to me".
  • His design shows similarities to Magdus and Tagredor from Gingaman.