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"And ugly. "
―After seeing the three chosen ones.[src]

A master of the Toad fighting style, Toady is perceived the least menacing of the Five Fingers of Poison. However, he can form a near-impenetrable shield and throws ball bombs at his opponents.he is also very ferocious when he attacks the rangers. He is head-over-heels in love with Stingerella. And is also very emotional as shown when he acted very irrational when he nearly hurt Stingerella by accident and when he abandoned his battle with the Megazord while crying his eyes out. Camille uses this love to get both to work together with Toady as defense and Stingerella as offense.

Toady is destroyed when his barrier is penetrated by a shot from the Jungle Fury Rangers' newly pristine Claw Cannon. He and Stingerella were later revived by Dai Shi for the final battle, but despite teaming up again were defeated by Lily Chilman.

He is voiced by Adam Gardiner.

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