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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

To Earn Your Stripes is the thirtieth episode of Power Rangers Jungle Fury.


Lily and Theo pass the tests necessary to become masters. Casey however, does not. Dai Shi meanwhile is still weakened from the shock of Scorch's outburst, which allows Jarrod to briefly regain control of his body. Casey wanders off to think about his loss and comes across Jarrod saving Camille from the remaining Phantom Beasts, sent to assassinate her. This causes Casey to think that they might be able to liberate Jarrod from Dai Shi's grasp; though the others aren't as hopeful and have settled for simply destroying Dai Shi instead. After returning Camille to the Temple, Dai Shi regains control of his body and storms off.


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  • This episode marks the only time the Rangers summon their Animal Spirits but don't form a Megazord.
  • Theo and Lily are advanced to the rank of Pai Zhuq Master. Casey however, is not.
  • Jarrod breaks free from Dai Shi's grasp and the two communicate for the first time.
  • Dai Shi thanks Camille for the very first time as Jarrod begins to break Dai Shi's control over him.
  • Using Dai Shi's powers, Jarrod saves Camille from the remaining minor Phantom Beasts, sent by the Generals to assassinate her.
  • The final of the minor Phantom Beasts are destroyed, leaving only Scorch, Snapper, Dai Shi, and Camille as the remaining Phantom Beast Generals.
  • Casey witnesses the spectacle and tries to convince the others that Jarrod can be saved, only to be rebuked.
  • Dai Shi regains control of Jarrod's body, but is clearly weakened.

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