This article is about a/an changer in Ressha Sentai ToQger.

"Now transforming! Please stand behind the white line!"
―Transformation Stand by announcement[src]

"ToQ Change!"
―Transformation call[src]

"ToQ (number)gou, ToQ (number)gou!"
―Primary transformation announcement[src]

"Hyper ToQ (number)gou, Hyper ToQ (number)gou!"
―Transformation announcement with Hyper Ressha set[src]

"Now untransforming! All persons, please quickly complete your transfers!"
―Transfer Stand by announcement[src]

"ToQ (number) (previous color), Transfer to (current color)!"
―Transfer announcement[src]

"The Train is arriving ! Please stand behind the white line!"
―Summoning Stand by announcement[src]

"(train name)Ressha, (train name)Ressha!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

Transformation Brace ToQ Changer (変身ブレストッキューチェンジャー Henshin Buresu Tokkyū Chenjā): The train station-themed transformation device used by the ToQgers. They can transform by inserting a ToQ Ressha and use the activation command, "ToQ Change" (トッキューチェンジ Tokkyū Chenji).


When activated by pressing the gold button and lifting the crossing gate-themed handle, the ToQ Changer announces a long phrase ("Now transforming! Please stand behind the white line!" (変身いたします!白線の内側に下がってお待ちください Henshin itashimasu! Hakusen no uchigawa ni sagatte omachi kudasai)) that makes an energy safety line that impedes Shadow Line forces from crossing. They then insert the Ressha into the Changers and flip the lever down, triggering the transformation. The ToQ Changer then announces the ToQgers by their numbers. If the Hyper Ressha is inserted into the Changers, the ToQ Changer still announces the ToQgers by their numbers, but emphasized by the "Hyper" at the start of the announcement (e.g. "Hyper ToQ 1gou, Hyper ToQ 1gou!").

Transfer Change

By inserting a different Ressha into the ToQ Changer after pressing the middle white button, making the ToQ Changer speak another long phrase (Now untransforming! All persons, please quickly complete your transfers! (変身解除いたします!おぎの方はお乗り換えください Henshin kaisho itashimasu! Oisogi no kata wa onorikae kudasai)), a ToQger can assume another ToQger's color. Once the Ressha are swapped, the ToQgers then slap the handle back down, triggering the Transfer Change.

The ToQ Changer then announces "ToQ [number]gou [Previous Color in English], Transfer to [Current Color in English]" (トッキュウ「1/2/3/4/5」号「レッド/ブルー/イエロー/グリーン/ピンク」乗り換えて「レッド/ブルー/イエロー/グリーン/ピンク」 Tokkyū (Ichi/Ni/San/Yon/Go)-gō (Reddo/Burū/Ierō/Gurīn/Pinku) Norikaete (Reddo/Burū/Ierō/Gurīn/Pinku)).

For example, if ToQ 1gou uses ToQ 2gou's Ressha, ToQ 1gou's suit changes into blue, his helmet assumes ToQ 2gou's design, and he wields his personal weapon. However, he still retains the number 1 on his suit.

However, none of the core ToQgers can do a Transfer Change with ToQ 6gou's Build Ressha, as ToQ 1gou proved trying to switch with him. Right was able to do a Transfer Change with the Build Ressha once, in his final battle with Zett, however he was operating with the Imagination power of the entire team and may have been able to overcome any previous restrictions.

Ressha Summoning

When the button sporting the train icon is pressed and the lever is raised, the Ressha are summoned near the team, making a ticket pass machine appear near the Ressha. The ToQgers must pass through here, as anywhere else is blocked off (as ToQ 1gou found out unintentionally), by scanning their Rainbow Passes on the ticket reader.

To summon any of the Support Ressha, a ToQger must press the gold button, remove their totem ToQ Ressha out of the Changer, and place the ToQ Ressha of that Support Ressha in the Changer, then slap the lever down as the Changer says a long phrase ("The Train is arriving! Please stand behind the white line!" (烈車が参ります!白線の内側に下がってお待ちください Ressha ga mairimasu! Hakusen no uchigawa ni sagatte omachi kudasai).


  • The ToQ Changer's is the second changer to be titled Transformation Brace (変身ブレース Henshin Burēsu), the first was the Shift Changer used by Go-On Green and Go-On Black in Engine Sentai Go-Onger.
  • Transfer Changes are similar to the Gokai Changes from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger and their American counterpart, the Legendary Ranger Modes from Power Rangers Super Megaforce, where any of the Gokaigers and Super Megaforce Rangers can transform into different Ranger colors. However, unlike Gokaiger and Super Megaforce, which involved changing into past Super Sentai and Power Ranger teams, the ToQgers gain just the helmets, weapons, and colors of their fellow teammates while keeping their original numbers.
    • ToQger and Super Megaforce, ironically, both aired in 2014.