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This article is about a/an Megazord in Power Rangers Mystic Force.
MF Titan Megazord
Titan Megazord
Zords: Mystic Phoenix
Mystic Garuda
Mystic Mermaid
Mystic Sprite
Mystic Minotaur
Season: Mystic Force
First Appearance: Rock Solid
Last Appearance: The Return
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Length: 26.5 m
Width: 29.7 (79.2 w/ wings) m
Height: 48.0 m
Weight: 4900 t
Speed: km/h
Power: 23,000,000
"Galwit Mysto Unios!"
―Combination incantation used by the Mystic Force Rangers[src]

The Titan Megazord is the "Megazord mode" for the Mystic Rangers.


The "Warrior Mode" for the Titan Megazord was introduced in the episode Rock Solid, after Madison had been released from a spell from a monster with powers akin to that of Medusa's. When all five Mystic Titans combined together into the Titan Megazord, the Mystic Minotaur would form the main body. The Mermaid would split into two halves, which would become the Megazord's front legs and feet. The Garuda would become the back wings, while the Mystic Phoenix and Sprite would become the chest compartment, with the Sprite assimilated into the Phoenix.

The Rangers command the Titan Megazord from a cockpit that resembles a chessboard, with their seats resembling chess pawn pieces. This Megazord can defend itself from attacks using the wings on its back. Plus, the Titan Saber—formed from individual weapons that many of the individual Titans use—can use several attacks.

The Titan Megazord's main finisher is called "Ancient Power, Mystic Spell Seal!". Similar to the Lightspeed Megazord's Saber finisher, the Titan Megazord spins its own saber around in a circle, creating a seal that includes the insignias of all five Rangers circumscribed within. Then, with one slash, the Titan Megazord is usually able to finish off its opponent. Another finisher is called "Titans Attack". Using the cry of "Titan Megazord, Take Flight!" the Titan Megazord raises its Saber, enabling itself to summon a Mystic Seal in the sky and then fly through it, up above the clouds. By shouting, "Spirits of the Ancient Titans!" the Titan Megazord summons their powers, and then executes a power dive at its opponent, slashing its Saber as the Rangers shout, "Titans Attack!" As the Megazord lands, the monster it battles is usually destroyed. Another finisher is the "Galaxy Slash". The team covers their sword with mystic energy then slashes the opponent. It seems to be a lengthy attack.

Appearances: Episodes 4, 7-9, 12, 13, 16, 17, 20, 28, 30

Mystic Titans

Mystic Titans

Mystic Titans

When Chip and Vida, the Yellow and Pink Mystic Rangers, respectively, rescued their fellow teammates from a giant monster named Mucor, the Mystic Force Rangers received a Spell Code from the "Xenotome" (also called the "Book of the Unknown") With this code and the ancient magic spell "Galwit Mysto Prifior!" the Rangers were able to become the Mystic Titans.

Mystic Phoenix

See also: MagiPhoenix

The Mystic Phoenix is the humanoid Mystic Titan form of the Red Ranger. Along with the Sprite, it fills the chest cavity of the Titan Megazord, forming a chestplate. Rides the dragon form. Looks like a Knight and usually wields a sword in battle.

Appearances: Episodes 3-9, 12, 13, 16-18, 20, 23, 27, 28, 30

Mystic Garuda

See also: MagiGaruda

The Mystic Garuda is the bird-like Mystic Titan form of the Yellow Ranger. Forms the wings of the Titan Megazord and the dragon. Has enormous wings in place of arms.

Appearances: Episodes 3-9, 12, 13, 16-18, 20, 23, 26-28, 30

Mystic Mermaid

See also: MagiMermaid

The Mystic Mermaid is the humanoid Titan form of the Blue Ranger. Forms the front portions of the Megazord's boots. Forms the dragon's tail. Has a trident weapon. Looks like a traditional mermaid, but can also walk on two legs.

Appearances: Episodes 3-9, 12, 13, 16-18, 20, 23, 26-28, 30

Mystic Sprite

See also: MagiFairy

The Mystic Sprite is the fairy-like Titan form of the Pink Ranger. Along with the Phoenix, it fills the chest cavity of the Titan Megazord. Forms the dragon's head. Can turn into a ball to be thrown at opponents. Smallest Mystic Titan.

Appearances: Episodes 3-9, 12, 13, 16-18, 20, 23, 27, 28, 30

Mystic Minotaur

See also: MagiTaurus

The Mystic Minotaur is the Bull-like Titan form of the Green Ranger. Forms the majority of both Titan Megazord and dragon. Sometimes wields an Axe in battle. Largest Mystic Titan.

Appearances: Episodes 3-9, 12, 13, 16-18, 20, 23, 26-28, 30

Additional Forms

Dragon Formation

Main article: Mystic Dragon

The combination of the Mystic Titans minus Mystic Phoenix.


Legendary Ranger Devices

Titan Megazord Charger

Titan Megazord Dino Charger

The Titan Megazord represents the Mystic Rangers for the Mystic Force Dino Charger, released as part of a special set of Dino Charger Power Packs. In Mystic Force's case, it featured the Red Mystic Ranger, Solaris Knight, the Titan Megazord, and the Mystic Force title. This Charger was paired with the Jungle Fury Dino Charger.

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