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This article is about a/an group of villains in Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger.

Three Org Brothers (オルグ三兄弟 ,Orugu Sankyōdai, Movie): Three Orgs who showed up on a peaceful island a year before the Gaorangers were transported there. They captured a group of the natives and forced them to dig for a ruby Demon's Castle.

Zeus Org


Zeus Org

Zeus Org (ゼウスオルグ, Zeusu Orugu) is the oldest brother with power over thunder. He wielded a sword shaped like a thunderbolt and his special attack was called Devil's Thunder. He was the leader of the Orgs on an island in another dimension and forced the natives to mine for a special ruby that contained GaoKong's power. Zeus was successful in slaying Kaito who was attempting to protect the Princess and then fought GaoSilver, who fended him off until the rest of the Gaorangers arrived and defeated him, causing his flaming body to fall into the ocean below. Zeus resurrected as a giant and revived his brothers just in time for the eclipse to summon GaoKong occurred. Destroyed by GaoKnight.


concept art

Voiced by Kenta Miyake.

Poseidon Org


Poseidon Org

Poseidon Org (ポセイドンオルグ, Poseidon Orugu) is the middle brother with power over water. He wielded a trident. When the Orgettes kidnapped Tetomu, Poseidon wanted her as a companion and invited her to a drinking game at dinner with his brothers. Having won the contest, Tetomu was awarded half of the ruby by Poseidon. When GaoRed and Kaito attempted to rescue Tetomu, Poseidon attempted to fend them off and despite being drunk, was an effective fighter. It wasn't until GaoYellow joined them that he was bested. He later joined his brothers in fighting the Gaorangers and the islanders and was destroyed, along with his brother Hades, by the Gaorangers before being resurrected as a giant by Zeus. He was the first to attempt to attack GaoKnight but was destroyed by a quick stroke by GaoKnight's sword.


concept art

Voiced by Ichiro Mizuki.

Hades Org


Hades Org

Hades Org (ハデスオルグ, Hadesu Orugu) is the youngest brother with power over wind. He wielded a scythe. He was killed by Gao God when he attempted to use GaoKnight as a shield.


concept art

Voiced by Yukio Yamagata.



  • Three Org Brothers were designed by character designer Yoshiro Harada.

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