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This article is about a/an sub-team of villains in Gosei Sentai Dairanger.

Three Ladies of Hell (三人官女, Sannin Kanjo) (17-22): Three sisters who served as Akomaru's bodyguards/nannies. Earring and Necklace were defeated by Kibaranger while Ring was defeated by the Dairanger.

Lady Earring

MMPR Sentinel Ear

Lady Earring

Lady Earring (イヤリング官女, Iyaringu Kanjo) (17-18 & 22): She can shoot her hair to grab opponents in a constrictor hold. Mortally wounded by KibaRanger after she found out his true identity, she died from massive blood-loss while telling Akomaru.


concept art

Lady Necklace

MMPR Sentinel Neck

Lady Necklace

Elder Sister!" Final words before death

Lady Necklace (ネックレス官女, Nekkuresu Kanjo) (17-20 & 22): Able to extend her neck to great lengths & possesses telescopic vision in her 3rd eye. Working alongside Akomaru, she disguised herself as a mother indifferent to the actions of her daughter (Akomaru in disguise) whom Kou had a crush on, in a scheme to make him hate his own mother and thus have him join the Gorma. Killed by Dairen'oh.


concept art

Lady Ring

MMPR Nimrod

Lady Ring

"My little sisters. I'm going to that world." Final words before death.

Lady Ring (指輪官女, Yubiwa Kanjo) (17-22): She was able to create energy rings to lasso her opponents. After her two sisters died, Lady Ring vowed to avenge them. Using their possessions, Lady Ring could create "phantom" versions of her sisters to fight with her. Using this ability she easily defeated Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger, but later became first to be killed by Kibadaioh.


concept art

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