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Three's a Crowd is the nineteenth episode of Power Rangers RPM. This episode marks the first appearance of the SkyRev Megazord.


Gem and Gemma's "blow things up and ask questions later" motto is getting quite out of hand. They follow a trail they think might lead to the Venjix Palace and end up walking right into a trap. They learn to work together with the other rangers as a team and in turn form a new Megazord configuration called SkyRev Megazord.


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  • The Rangers (Scott and Ziggy) fight normal people in the beginning of the episode (two thefts at a Grocery). This is rare in Power Rangers although in RPM it had happened before in "Brother's Keeper", "Go for the Green" and "Fade to Black".
  • Despite earth being considered a wasteland by this point the rangers arrive in their megazords to help Gem and Gemma via a body of water. This is the first time any water source is seen outside of the protection of the dome.

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