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Things Not Said is the twenty-fifth episode of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. This episode marks the debut of the Red Operation Overdrive Ranger's battlizer (fusing with the Sentinel Knight), the Red Sentinel Ranger. This episode also reveals the fourth jewel, the Star of Isis.


Mack makes a startling discovery when the Rangers receive a computer virus. Meanwhile, Kamdor and Miratrix are closing in on the fourth jewel of the Corona Aurora. When the Power Rangers arrive on the scene, they're prepared with a fleet a monsters. In over their heads, the Rangers can only rely on Mack to save the day.


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  • Since this episode, Mack learns that he is not a human, but an android.
    • He becomes cold towards his father/creator, for making his life a lie.
    • He becomes more reckless; as an android, he is more resilient to damage.
    • It's worth noting that Mack has been seen eating on numerous occasions, suggesting that Andrew was able to create an artificial digestive system for him.
  • During the fight. Dax says that they should call the zords early. This addresses the joke made by many fans that, "they should start with the zords".
  • Mack is the last ranger in the Disney Era to have a Battlizer. The same concept does not return until Power Rangers Super Samurai, when fans started to call the Shogun Mode a "battlizer". Although it was not Red Ranger exclusive, it was used on ground by the Red Ranger, traditionally speaking.
  • Though Miratrix did not use her Sentai counterpart's costume, rather an Operation Overdrive exclusive; her counterpart Shizuka of the Wind's Super costume was used during the Battlizer battle.

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