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This article is about a/an three-part episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

"There's No Business like Snow Business" is a three part episode of Power Rangers Zeo.


When Tommy gets a letter from Kimberly in which she breaks up with him, Billy and Kat decide to cheer him up by taking him on a snowboarding weekend. While away, he saves a famous snowboarder from the Machine Empire's plans and there is a definite spark between the pair. Meanwhile, Mondo and Machina launch two assaults against the Rangers.


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  • Amy Jo Johnson is credited at the beginning of the episode, but only appears in archive footage.
  • Kat is the only Ranger who appears morphed in Part I.
  • Zordon and Alpha 5 do not appear in Part I.
  • Part 1 of this episode has been widely criticized and ridiculed by older fans (presumably due to the plotline of Kimberly dumping Tommy by letter rather than discussing it in person or at least phoning him). When Kimberly returns for the Turbo movie the letter, the breakup and her time in Florida are not brought up at all, likely to due to the backlash it received from fans.[1][2]
  • The second part marks the first time that the rangers' adversaries, Queen Machina in this case, decided to send another monster to attack the rangers when they were weakened from their fight with the first one.
  • This episode was originally planned to be a two-parter, with the Power Rangers fighting Robocupid in Part I, and then fighting Defoliator in Part II.
  • Sarah Brown guest-stars in the series. She played Kaitlin Star in another Saban produced series, VR Troopers, which was originally called Cybertron where Jason David Frank appeared in the pilot as Adam Steele. Both Cybertron and VR Troopers had Richard Rabago as Tao. The song Strike from VR Troopers is also used in this episode.
  • The shot of the industrial landscape prior to the shot of Klank & Robocupid was repeated from a piece of footage in Trini's pollution video in Mighty Morphin's "Clean-Up Club".


  • Tanya has never met Kimberly prior to Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, yet was noticeably excited about the letter she had sent to Tommy and the others.
  • In Part I, the background behind Katherine changed drastically after she morphed.
  • Robocupid seemingly made everyone in Angel Grove fall in love with machines except the three remaining Rangers.
  • In Part II, the Rangers take the rare move of summoning the Zeozords despite Robocupid still being small.
    • Once Robocupid grew, the Rangers summoned the Zords again in exactly the same manner despite them already arriving on the scene only a minute earlier.
  • In Part III, Zordon called Tommy, Kat and Billy away from their vacation just to tell them that Mondo could be planning something.
  • In Part III, Zordon told the Rangers that Defoliator was causing a 'greenhouse effect' in Angel Grove, however it's impossible that the Greenhouse Effect could be so localized.
  • In Part III, Rocky and Adam go to fetch Tommy in person to help Kat and Tanya as opposed to contacting him on his communicator.
  • In Part III, the Rangers used the Zeo Blaster against Defoliator however he seemed to be hit by a slash from Tommy's sword.



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