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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

The Whole Lie is the ninth episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Justin is put under a spell which forces him to always tell lies, causing Pirahnatrons to appear in large numbers.


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  • Tommy does not appear in this episode unmorphed, aside from recycled racing footage from "Shift Into Turbo".
  • The instrumental of "5-4-1" is featured in this episode during the Rangers' fight with the Piranhatrons.


  • Dimitria claims that the key to breaking the spell is to tell a lie which is also the truth, but the Rangers broke the spell simply by telling the truth which the spell should have prevented.
    • This one is actually tricky as the truths told were conditional. Because the rangers were under a spell, the truths that were said were suppose to be lies. Such as saying that "Everything I say is a Lie" is both truth and Lie. The other Rangers' answer of "Never" to Justin's Question is also both Truth and Lie as normally they would tell Justin the truth to a question, but because they were under a spell, they were suppose to never be able to answer with the truth. Essentially, the lies/truths were Paradoxes.
  • The footage of Mouthpiece growing is ordered incorrectly; Mouthpiece is shown being hit by Divatox's torpedoes then is instantly giant sized, only to then have show his face turning red and steam blowing out before growing again.
  • The Rangers searched for the detonator at the car wash without the aid of the Turbo Navigator.
  • When Kat inserts her key into her morpher, the key is actually too low to trigger the Turbo Powers.

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