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The Time Shadow is the ninth episode of Power Rangers Time Force, introducing the secondary Megazord, the Time Shadow.


Mr. Collins's company develops a new weapon, an armored tank to defend itself against Ransik's attacks. But it's no match for the mutant attacks. Even the Rangers Megazord can't stand up to the latest mutant. In the future, a mysterious figure sends them the Time Shadow. The Time Shadow helps the Rangers defeat Frax's powerful new robotic creation.


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  • Lucas knew Tronicon was a robot, but later on he thought it was a mutant.
  • Despite being a robot, Tronicon still grew giant using the mutant DNA patch that the mutant criminals use, despite not having DNA, mutant or otherwise.
  • As the Megazord arrives in 2001 via time travel, it shouldn’t matter that it’s damaged in 3000, as it could be repaired at Time Force’s leisure, then sent to the exact time in the past that the Rangers requested it. Time Force’s time travel ability is presented here as though they can only send the Zords an exact number of years forward or backwards (so as a day passes in 3000, a day passes in 2001).


  • First Appearance of the Time Shadow.
  • Despite Kim Strauss being credited as the voice of Tronicon, the robot itself had no dialogue in this episode.
  • First appearance of the Rangers mysterious future ally who is later revealed to be Alex, somehow still alive.
  • First of Frax's robots followed by Dragontron, Max Axe and Doomtron.

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