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The Song of Confusion

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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

The Song of Confusion is the 36th episode of Power Rangers Turbo.


Cassie and her friend Vicki hold auditions for a full-fledged band, and meet a pre-existing band known as "Crash & The Creeps", whose hit song "Confusion" gets in the heads of everyone in Angel Grove, even the Power Rangers, who then discover that it's a hypnotism plot by Divatox, as Crash & The Creeps are actually a band of monsters in disguise.


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  • The "Song of Confusion" is later recycled in Richie Rich's Christmas Wish, the Saban Entertainment-produced direct-to-video 1998 sequel to the 1994 Richie Rich film.
  • This is the final time any mention is made of Cassie's music career (though it is briefly inferred to during Lost Galaxy's "The Power of Pink", where she jams atop the Wild Cat Galactabeast, only to be thrown off).
  • This is first episode when the Turbo Rangers not used Rescue Zords and this episode also marks the first appearance of Turbo Megazord since Clash of the Megazords.

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