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The Quantum Quest is the thirteenth episode of Power Rangers Time Force and marks the beginning of the Quantum Ranger arc. This episode marks the first appearance of the Quantum Ranger.


On a dig, some researchers discover a metallic object. As word of the discovery spreads, Ransik recognizes the object as the Quantum Controller and unleashes a mutant to get it for him. Circuit also recognizes the object, and the Time Force Rangers try to recover the object before it falls into the wrong hands. As the Rangers fight the mutant, Eric manages to take the controller, and hides it away. He then tries to become the Guardian's new leader, but is turned down. So he goes back to where the controller is. The mutant attacks. As the Rangers fight the mutant, Wes tries to get Eric to give up the Controller, but he ignores Wes and activates the Quantum Controller, and becomes the Quantum Ranger.


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  • When Eric approaches Wes' father about being the new commander of the Silver Guardians, Eric already has his Quantum morpher, but in the previous scene he hides the Quantum box.


  • The show Nadira is watching at the beginning is the second episode of Masked RiderIcon-crosswiki, "Escape from EdenoiIcon-crosswiki, Part 2". However Dex the Masked Rider exists in the Power Rangers’ universe since he appeared in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode A Friend in Need three-parter.
  • In many scenes of the episode, the face of Eric's Japanese counterpart, Naoto Takizawa, can be seen when he is morphing into the Quantum Ranger.
  • When Eric shouts out " Quantum Power" the Morpher says "Fire" because that scene was actually from Mirai Sentai Timeranger.
  • When Wes begs Eric to not use the Quantum Morpher, there is a scene where Wes' suit is dirtied but in the next scene, it's not. The scene of his suit not being dirty was original Power Rangers footage. The rest was taken from Super Sentai.
  • Dr. Hammond's name is a reference to "Ashley Hammond" from "Power Rangers Turbo" and "Power Rangers in Space".

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