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The Potion Notion is the one hundred and twenty-seventh episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The 13th Zeo Serial Short aired before a later airing of the episode.


Love is in the air and in the universe when Zedd surprises Rita with a second honeymoon. Then, Rito sends a monster with a love potion to Angel Grove where things get really strange.

Through his usual idiocy, Rito lets it slip that Rita drugged Zedd with a love potion back during The Wedding. Goldar forces Finster to make an antidote, but Zedd continues to love Rita regardless.


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  • First mention of the love potion since "Return of the Green Ranger, Part 2"
  • First Season 3 appearance of Mr. Caplan (last seen in "Best Man for the Job") and Ms. Appleby (last seen in both parts of "Storybook Rangers").
  • This episode reveals Kimberly's middle name to be Ann.
  • This episode is also known for having the closest thing to a relationship between Kimberly and Skull in it.


  • The Ninja Megazord formation footage is ordered incorrectly; the Ape and Wolf Ninjazords are seen gaining their fist covers, however then appear without them to combine with the Bear.


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