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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .

The Millennium Message is the thirteenth episode of Power Rangers Turbo. This episode marks the first appearance of the Blue Senturion & his Zord, the Robo Racer.


The Blue Senturion arrives from the future to tell the Power Rangers that their enemies will join forces and conquer Earth. He is captured by Divatox and reprogrammed to arrest the Rangers.


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  • The message the Blue Senturion projects is a foreshadowing of the United Alliance of Evil's invasion of the universe as seen in Power Rangers In Space, "Countdown to Destruction". However, it is said the invasion will occur in 2000, rather than 1998. It could be that after Blue Senturion arrived in the past, history was altered so that the invasion occurred early.
  • Given the year the message came from, this would mean that the Power Ranger teams from both Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue would have taken part in the battle. They may have been the unseen image that shocked Divatox.
  • Divatox tries to reprogram the Blue Senturion to be evil, just like she did to Visceron in "Transmission Impossible".


  • It was stated here Blue Senturion could not be programmed to be evil, however he was turned evil by a wish in "Beware the Third Wish". (Perhaps the magic coin is the one and only loophole).

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