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The Master's Last Stand is the twenty-sixth episode of Power Rangers Wild Force and the last episode of Power Rangers to air on Fox Kids before moving to ABC's weekend television block, "ABC Kids". The episode marks the end of the arc focusing Cole Evans, his parents and reveals the origin of Master Org, the man formerly known as Dr. Viktor Adler. It features the first appearance of Mandilok.


Cole learns the truth about his parents when Master Org reveals his sinister origin to the Wild Force Rangers.


In the Nexus, realizing that without his Duke Orgs and his army decimated, Master Org fears that he might be going down very soon, but says that if this is so, he is taking the Rangers with him.

Out in the desert and far from the Nexus, Jindrax and Toxica, who had been reverted back to their normal forms by Cole three episodes ago, proceed to find a way to dispose of the human with Org powers who they once called their master. Toxica's plan is to bring back an ancient General Org from a hidden tomb in the desert. They soon find what she is looking for after hours of walking through the desert sands.

Back in Turtle Cove, Alyssa notices that a large amount of people in the street are excitedly rushing over to a scene with an ambulance. It appears that the famous Dr. Viktor Adler has been found, and is lifted down from an ambulance on a stretcher and the moment is featured in a live news feed. He is rolled into the hospital and Alyssa calls Cole straightaway as he once more visits the graves of his supposedly dead parents. She informs him that Dr. Adler has been found and that he's alive, and Cole jumps to his feet and realizes that if he's alive, then that means that his parents could still be too, and rushes down to the hospital to talk to him.

Cole eagerly shows up at the hospital where he is met by Danny, Max, Taylor and Alyssa, but Alyssa warns Cole that what he hears about his parents might not be good news. Cole understands this, but says that he needs to know what happened to them nonetheless.

The Rangers enter Dr. Adler's room and it appears that he is not in his bed. They are startled when he comes out from the bathroom. looking dazed and confused and dressed in a gown with a bandage around his forehead. The sight is disturbing, but Cole nonetheless rushes over to him, introduces himself and then pleads with the longlost scientist to tell him what happened with his parents. Adler hugs Cole and tells him that he will know soon enough, but this all appears to be a trap set for the Rangers, as they are then engulfed in vines sprung from Adler's body.

Back in the desert, Jindrax and Toxica have entered an underground tomb and Toxica leads disturbed and frightened Jindrax through the halls, which are filled with cobwebs and skeletons.

Back in Turtle Cove, Cole wakes up in an abandoned warehouse surrounded by electrical currents. He comes to and sees Dr. Adler walking toward him from a distance, confused as to what happened and why he is doing what he did, as Cole had thought that he was his parents' friend. The scientist then reverts to Master Org, and Cole is shocked by what he has just discovered. He demands to know where the other four Rangers are, and Master Org points them out behind Cole, who turns around and sees them trapped in slimy vines and Master Org says that they will soon be killed, just like his parents.

A disturbed Cole turns around after hearing this, and Master Org says that he indeed killed his parents and that he enjoyed every minute of it. When Cole asks how he could do such a thing, Master Org said that they had deserved to perish for all the pain they had caused him. When Cole questions him further, Master Org tells him the full story of what happened to them - His parents were indeed once close and trusted friends to him, and that the three of them had dedicated their lives to working day and night together trying to find any proof of the existence of Animaria. They were on the verge of a breakthrough in the research, and as time had passed, Adler had grown to love Cole's mother Elizabeth, but unfortunately, so had his father Richard. One day, when Adler had planned to propose to her, he painfully discovered that Richard had already done so earlier. Richard then comes in with good news about a grant for a search in the amazon, and the two newly engaged couple embrace, leaving Adler hurt inside and later on angry. He was convinced that Richard could not resist outshining him in anything, including love, and secretly accused Richard of stealing Elizabeth away from him. As time went by, Elizabeth had gotten pregnant by Richard and Adler grew even more jealous and infuriated, and these feelings were further fueled when he was inadvertently upstaged at a press conference regarding the team's upcoming search for clues about Animaria in the amazon, when the reporters and journalists had preferred to talk to Richard over him. (This is also the moment when the one photo of the team was taken.) They had soon left for the jungle, taking baby Cole with them.

Adler had grown so angry and isolated that he had begun to drift away from their cause in finding Animaria, as well as their mission to help the Earth, and soon began to consider nature a prison to him because it would always remind him of his pain. Then one day, Elizabeth had stumbled upon a very suspicious sight: a pile of goo with small vine-wielding seeds in it. She called Richard and Adler over to the scene and the seeds appeared to have a vicious sense to them. Adler had realized that these were indeed the remnants of the original Master Org. He contains them after assuring them that he would destroy them right away. But that night, after witnessing the happy family from his tent and not being able to stand their happiness and his misery any longer, Adler, rather than destroy the seeds, he proceeded to eat them and then the Org transformation began. The next day, he had by this time gained the powers of Master Org, and set out for revenge against the Evans family. No longer just a 'weak human being,' he proceeded with his vengeful plan and first engulfed Richard in vines and killed him. After finding Elizabeth, she had refused to tell the transformed Adler where she had hidden baby Cole, and he then killed her as well. Master Org, in the present, finished his story by saying that all obstacles in his path had to be destroyed and traces of his past eliminated, and now all that was left of the past was just Cole and him.

Cole is shocked at what he is learned, but has no time to cope with the revelations as Master Org suddenly attacks him. Cole tries to listen for a heartbeat, but it's clear that Adler's heart is long gone and that he is at this point completely consumed with hatred and power. Master Org initially bests Cole in battle when he doesn't appear to even put up a fight, but Cole soon reassures him that he had sworn to protect nature with his life ("I"M A GUARDIAN OF THE EARTH!!!") and finally brings himself to fight back. Determined to stop Master Org, now more than ever, he morphs and a heated battle ensues between the two. Cole struggles but refuses to back down, and eventually whips out his Animarium Armor, yelling at the Org Master and telling him that he would not let him hurt anyone again. Merrick turns up, and Cole sets him about freeing the others. Using the Animarium Armor, Cole reflects one of Master Org's high-powered blasts back at him, which overpowers him and reverts him back to Viktor Adler, stripping him of his powers. As the Rangers turn to leave, Adler angrily asks Cole why he doesn't finish him despite knowing the truth. Cole reminds Adler that he sought revenge, and the quest did nothing but poison him... Cole won't follow the same path. He then leaves with his friends as Adler pathetically flails about.

Later as Adler stumbles around in a barren piece of land, he suddenly encounters Toxica and Jindrax. He tries to get them to obey him again, but they refuse and reveal their new leader... the revived General Org Mandilok, who declares himself the most powerful Org to exist. Adler futilely attacks Mandilok, only to get thrown over a cliff for his trouble but not before promising revenge. With that thorn in their side taken care of Mandilok, Toxica and Jindrax leave for the Nexus, ready to cause more trouble for the Rangers and the inhabitants of Turtle Cove.

Cole visits his parents graves, now left with no doubt that they are truly dead. He tells them that despite everything, at least he knows what really happened to them and that they were right about Animaria existing. He then tells them that he and his friends are using the power of the Animarium to protect the world... in a way, their work lives on. He then leaves flowers at their graves, bringing his quest to find his parents to a somber end.

At the foot of the cliff, Adler's body lies lifeless when he suddenly grows a real Org horn, seconds before his eyes snap open... 



  • Cole and Merrick are the only Rangers to appear morphed while the others appear unmorphed in this episode.
  • There isn't much Sentai Footage in this episode.


Master Org: They will be destroyed soon, just like your parents!
Cole: What?
Master Org: That's right. I finished off your parents, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. They begged me for mercy, so I gave it to them. I ended their worthless existence quickly.
Cole: No. How? How could you do something like that?
Master Org: [laughs] It was easy.

Cole: All this time, I've been searching for my parents...only to find that they were betrayed, by a friend.

Cole: You're not have no heart. Master Org: (laughs) That's right! I'm an Org now! And I'm going to enjoy watching you and your friends suffer...even MORE than your parents!

Master Org: Hey, where you going? Huh? Finish me. What, are you too much of a coward. Huh? Why won't you finish me off?
Cole: Haven't you learned anything? All that time, you spent pursuing revenge and it only poisoned you. I won't take that path.

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