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The Magna Defender is the ninth episode in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. It continues the Lights of Orion arc and begins the Magna Defender arc, which marks the first appearance of the Magna Defender.


When Scorpius learns that the Magna Defender has returned, he sends monsters to stop Magna from getting to the Lights of Orion. The Red Ranger goes to the cave where Magna rescued him and battles a monster digging for a rock, which supposedly contains the Lights of Orion. Monsters and Rangers strive to break open the rock, but it turns out to be an ordinary stone.


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  • Scorpius orders Treacheron to take three monsters to defeat the Magna Defender. He only takes two.
    • Treacheron may have counted himself as one of the three to go.
  • When Leo calls upon the Condor Galactabeast to destroy the monster, the Galaxy Megazord Saber seems to transform into the Galactabeast despite being separate.


  • This episode marks the last appearance of Furio (outside flashbacks) & debut of Scorpious' second general, Treacheron (the Magna Defender's arch-rival of some 3,000 years).
  • This episode marks the only time the Galactazords are seen using their individual attacks.

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