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The Last Race is the twenty-first episode of Power Rangers Time Force.


Lucas' old friend Dash, a mutant criminal ex-race car driver, teams up with Nadira for a rash of thefts. After a race between the two nearly turns fatal, Lucas gets Dash to see the error of his ways and Dash decides to turn himself in. Unwilling to accept this, Nadira puts him under her control and makes him grow to giant size. The Rangers quickly summon the Time Force Megazord and Lucas breaks Nadira's control with a blast from its saber. Having regained control, Dash turns himself in and asks Lucas to be the one to arrest him. Lucas, proud of Dash, fulfills his wish and believes Dash will one day be free and a great racer again. A flashfoward shows a redeemed Dash a racer once more and winning a race.





  • Daniel Southworth (Eric) does not appear in this episode due to the fact that the Timeranger episode was based off which it took place before the debut of Eric's counterpart, Naoto Takizawa.
  • If one listens carefully, Mr. Graves, Lucas' driving instructor, cusses when Lucas stops the car.

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