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The Chameliac Warrior is the twenty-ninth episode of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.


The Rangers encounter the Chameliac Warrior, a monster who is able to copy their fighting styles and use this knowledge against them. Trakeena's plan (which Mike overhears) is to use the Chameliac to divert the Rangers while she sets a deadly laser designed to destroy the Galactabeasts. Meanwhile, the Rangers switch their fighting styles around, confusing the monster. When the Rangers call on the Galactabeasts to fight Chameliac, Magna Defender destroys the laser. The Rangers defeat the monster with the Galaxy and Stratoforce Megazords (the latter of which uses the Centaurus Megazord's laser cannon as the monster used its boomerang).


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  • While mimicking Kendrix's fighting style, Damon attacked Chamiliac's shoulders but in the next shot it was his face that appeared to be damaged.


"POWER RANGERS. Status: human beings with super human strengths and abilitys dedicated to protecting any lifeform in peril or need of emergency assitance. Fighting skills far exceed any other human and many non human lifeforms."

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