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The Beetle Invasion

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This article is about a/an episode in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
The Beetle Invasion
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2), Episode 2x09
Mmpr - TheBeetleInvasion
Air date September 21, 1994
Written by Mark Hoffmeier
Directed by Terence H. Winkless
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The Rangers step up to the challenge of a Broomball Tournament but Zedd has a challenge of his own and creates the Stag Beetle to drain the Green Ranger of his powers.


Zack, Billy, Tommy, and Jason are at the Youth Center watching Ernie play a game with a ball and a broom. Ernie explains he is playing broomball, it’s like hockey only with a broom and a ball. He says he's starting a tournament, and asks the guys if they would like to play, the four are very reluctant. Two teens from Stone Canyon walk in and ask Ernie if he's gotten a team to play against them. The Stone Canyon teens are very confident they’ll win. The guys are unable to resist the challenge, and decide to play against them. The Stone Canyon teens are apparently champions so the guys realize they have to start practicing.

The Stone Canyon teens put up a poster of their team before leaving. This poster gives Lord Zedd the inspiration to create the Stag Beetle monster. He transforms the Beetle from the picture into his monster. Zedd is continuing his plan to destroy the Green Ranger. The Stag Beetle is sent to ambush Tommy and drain him of his powers once and for all.

Soon after, the guys, plus Kimberly start practicing for the match against Stone Canyon. Sitting on the sidelines, Trini films her friends. As the teens practice, the ball goes out of bounds. A teen picks up the ball and walks over. Trini is immediately smitten with the young man. Kimberly tells her that his name is Richie, a new student, and he's very nice. The young man gives the ball to Ernie, and Ernie introduces Richie to Kimberly and Trini. Trini immediately offers him a position on the team. Ernie tells them that he has enough players, but he could use an assistant coach, which Richie accepts. Bulk & Skull walk into the Youth Center with their latest plan. Bulk & Skull have a new invention that will sniff people and their plan is to pretend to interview people, while using their invention to sniff them. Bulk & Skull hope to match up the scents to the Rangers' scents and reveal who they are.

Kimberly and Tommy go running in the park and they are soon attacked by putties. Meanwhile, Trini, Billy, Jason, and Zack put up their poster of their team next to Stone Canyon's poster. Billy points out the creature on the Stone Canyon poster is gone this puzzles the four. In the park, Kimberly and Tommy are having problems with the putties, the Stag Beetle appears, and the two morph. The two fight but Green Ranger is soon caught by several putties. Pink Ranger contacts Zordon to tell him they need help. The Stag Beetle begins to drain Green Ranger's powers. Zordon contacts the other Rangers, and tells them they need to go to the park to help Green Ranger and Pink Ranger. The four morph and head to the park, where they immediately began fighting the putties. Though the putties and the Stag Beetle retreat, the Green Ranger is very weak. He is soon surrounded by his friends. The Rangers teleport to the command center. Alpha 5 does a check on Tommy and he is okay, except he doesn't have his green powers anymore. Billy comes up with an idea of building a device that would revert the power from the Stag Beetle back to Tommy. The Stag Beetle appears in Angel Grove again.

All the Rangers, except Tommy, go into battle. The Rangers have a difficult time against the Stag Beetle. The Stag Beetle is using the Green Ranger's powers against them. Several putties appear to help Stag Beetle defeat the Power Rangers. Black Ranger has a difficult time as he hates bugs, but he still goes up against the monster on his own trying to defeat it, he fails. The Rangers eventually retreat so they can find a better place to fight the Stag Beetle. In the command center, Tommy is watching on the viewing globe. He is very frustrated that he can't help his friends. Alpha 5 works as quickly as he can to get the device ready. The Rangers hit the end of the road and turn around to face Stag Beetle. Stag Beetle fires at the Rangers. Green Ranger arrives and using the device, and he gets his powers back. The Rangers defeat Stag Beetle using their Power Blaster. But Stag Beetle is revived with a potion from Lord Zedd. Stag Beetle grows huge and the Rangers call for their zords and form their Mega Thunderzord. With their megazord, the Rangers destroy Stag Beetle. Despite the Rangers victory Lord Zedd isn’t too upset because apparently the monster drained most of the Green Rangers powers. Zedd is confident it’s only a matter of time before the Green Ranger is destroyed.

Later, in the Youth Center, the Rangers excluding Trini play broomball against Stone Canyon. It is a close game and the Stone Canyon players are believe that they will win. The game is tied when Tommy scores the winning point. Trini, Ernie, Richie, and Zack cheer. Kimberly, Jason, Tommy, and Billy walk over to them. Richie tells them they did a great job. Trini tells Richie it is because they had great coaches. The Stone Canyon players dejectedly walk out of the Youth Center. The Stone Canyon coach makes two of the players shake hands with Jason. Jason tells the two Stone Canyon players good game and maybe Stone Canyon will beat them next year. The Stone Canyon players are not too sure and reply maybe before walking out. Ernie offers free drinks for everyone and he and Richie walk away to start serving drinks. Zack tells Tommy he played great. Tommy thanks him and then tells the group that he won't be much use to the Rangers soon. Tommy tells them he is getting weaker. Jason reassures Tommy they will get him to full strength again and the rest of the team backs Jason up. Tommy sadly agrees with them, but he has his doubts.




  • Richie, Trini's love interest, is introduced and would appear several times until the episode "Opposites Attract".
  • Trini does not participate in the broom ball match and she's also seen wearing a leg brace. This is due to the actress' leg injury.
  • The first mention of Angel Grove's neighboring city, Stone Canyon, which would later reappear as the home of Rocky, Adam, and Aisha.
  • Though Tommy was targeted in both the previous episodes, in "The Beetle Invasion", Lord Zedd formally begins his campaign to wipe out the Green Ranger, which culminates in "Green No More".
  • Ernie's team is called the Sweepers.
  • This is the last episode in which Austin St. John and Walter Jones provide the voices of Jason and Zack while in their Ranger costumes, excluding recycled footage and lines.
  • The Green Ranger does not appear in the original Zyu2 footage. Because of this, it's unknown where the Stag Beetle would have originally gotten its power from. Also, right after the Stag Beetle tries to blast the rangers with the Green Ranger's powers, an explosion can be coming back to it at the Putties. It's not known where this explosion came from.


  • The Stag Beetle is continuously referred to as having completely drained Tommy's powers, however this cannot have been the case as he remained morphed.
  • The morphing sequence with Kimberly and Tommy appear out of order, with Kimberly being first and Tommy being second, as if he were the leader.
  • It's the straight blade of the Dino Megazord's Power Sword that cuts off the Stag Beetle's pincers.

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