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Dinosaur Squadron Beast Rangers
Alright, Rangers, let's bring 'em together!

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Snizard and Robogoat looking for Rangers in the Abandoned Theater (5)
Spectre Theater

Located in Downtown Angel Grove, it is a vortex where, aside from their costumes, the rangers had no powers. They were trapped there by Alpha, who was reprogrammed by Finster. It was the filled with monsters such as:

They managed to escape once through a cave under the theatre, but were transported back by Alpha during a battle with Peckster and Rhinoblaster. As almost all of the monsters were attending Zedd and Ritas wedding,they easily escaped again by trapping Rhinoblaster and Peckster in a net and escaping through the cave once more. There entrapment was Ritas wedding gift to Zedd.

Snizard and Robogoat looking for Rangers in the Abandoned Theater (4)

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