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This article is about a/an mecha in Choujin Sentai Jetman.

Tetra Boy (テトラボーイ Tetorabōi): An AI-gifted robot specialized in quick movements.


Tetra Boy was usually sent into fight by Commander Aya Odagiri.

While not the most powerful robot, its kick-boxing abilities made it a formidable opponent.


When Meteor BEM easily defeated a Jet Icarus piloted by inexperienced Neo-Jetmen, and Jet Garuda was piloted by Jetmen without powers, Tetra Boy was more effective than piloted robots.

When robot Veronica proved to be stronger than even Great Icarus, Commander Aya Odagiri designed a combined attack, having Tetra Boy riding Great Icarus' maserEp. 45: The Hot Milk of Victory.


Great Icarus powering Tetra Boy

It was rendered useless by Raguem after he severed the Tetra Boy arms in the final battle. Final Ep.: Flap Your Wings! Aviators!

Tetra Buster

Tetra Boy can transform into the Tetra Buster (テトラバスター Tetorabasutā) cannon, which can be used by Jet Icarus or Jet Garuda.


  • Tetra Buster was never used by Great Icarus in the show. However, the toys could be combined this way.
Great Tetra Buster

Great Icarus With Tetra Buster

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