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This article is about a/an monster in Power Rangers Mystic Force.

The Taxi Cab Monster is the primary antagonist of the episode "Fire Heart".

This monster first appeared in Briarwood and stole the map to the Fire Heart from a scientist. It then delivered the map to Necrolai in a parking garage, but Nick and Vida showed up to put a stop to them. The Taxi then took on its monster form and fought the Red and Pink Rangers. But the two Rangers were outmatched, and when the others showed up, Necrolai assisted the monster, allowing them both to escape. The Taxi then accompanied Necrolai and some Hidiacs into the Cimmerian Forest in search of the Fire Heart. Once Nick and Vida found the Fire Heart Scroll, Necrolai stole it from them and had the Taxi attack them. The Red Ranger managed to take out the monster's vehicle form, thanks to the Mystic Speeder. Then together, the Red and Pink Rangers defeated the Taxi. However, Koragg cast his spell, reviving and enlarging the creature. The Rangers morphed into their Mystic Titan forms and battled the Undead Vehicle. The Taxi Monster was finally destroyed with the Titan Megazord's Mystic Spell Seal attack.

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