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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Zeo, the second installment in the Zordon Era.

Target Rangers is the fourth episode of Power Rangers Zeo. It features the debut of the Zeo Megazord's Zeo Battle Helmets.


King Mondo creates Silo, a monster inspired by a trivia game that Rocky is creating with a fellow student, to destroy the Zeo Rangers.


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  • Traci Belushi, who appears in this episode as Jennifer, previously appeared in the show as Zarius.
  • In this episode, Klank and Orbus are upgraded with the ability to enlarge monsters.
  • This episode marks the first face-to-face encounter between the Power Rangers and King Mondo.


  • Jennifer stated that she intended to wipe and reboot the main hard drive in order to restart the computer game; in reality this would surely delete the game from the computer.
  • It's not explained why Silo looks exactly the same as the robot fighter in the computer game.
  • The unintroduced Zeo Jet Cycles are briefly shown behind the Rangers as they confront Silo and King Mondo.
  • Silo had a black square projection sticking out of his back which was missing in US footage.
  • The Zeo IV Battle Helmet (controlled by Adam) supposedly used 'Gravity Power', however it was then used to break the chains around the Zeo Megazord. In fact, it appeared to be the Zeo III Battle Helmet that could control gravity (as evidenced during the fight with Silo).
  • Billy stated that the Zeo II Battle Helmet used 'Rocket Power', however Tommy later called it 'Jet Power'.


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