This article is about a/an ally in Choujuu Sentai Liveman.

Takeshi Yano is the youngest of the three Yano brothers, younger brother to both Takuji and Tetsuya. He only appeared in episode 5 of Liveman.

When Takuji was alive, he worked with Takeshi upon the development of a car that connected the two of them, long before his assassination by the three traitorous Academia students. However, Takeshi had heard about his friend Yuusuke and held trust in him to help him finish the vehicle. Even at Megumi and Jou's mocking, Yuusuke helped Takeshi develop the car; however it was eventually taken over by Doctor Kemp and his Brain Beast Enginezuno, which made it run wild through the streets. In order to keep the promise, the Liveman develop their Live Cougar vehicle to finally stop Enginezuno and free the vehicle from his control. Takeshi is satisfied seeing the Live Cougar, believing it as the vehicle his brother had intended to build as their dream car.