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Takao Nagaishi
Takao Nagaishi
Born January 7, 1945
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Died March 31, 2013
Died in Tokyo hospital
Role(s) Director for various Super Sentai series
Various Super Sentai series

Takao Nagaishi (長石多可男 Nagaishi Takao) is a director of various tokusatsu franchises. Making his name in Super Sentai, he would be a major factor during the revival of the Kamen Rider franchise. In Sentai, his main contribution is the main writer as Denji Sentai Megaranger.

He passed away on March 31, 2013 as his body succumbed to progressive supranuclear palsy at the age of 68.[1]

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  • Coincidentally, two of the series that Nagaishi directed the most episodes for are both high-school themed teams, Turboranger and Megaranger.
    • Though the main writer for Megaranger, the main writer of Turboranger is longtime Sentai writer Hirohisa Soda.


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