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This article is about a/an episode in Power Rangers Dino Charge.

Sync or Swim is the thirteenth episode of Power Rangers Dino Charge. This episode marks the 800th episode of the Power Rangers franchise & the debut of the Dino Charge Megazord Tri-Stego-Ptera Formation.


A fun rivalry between Tyler and Ivan becomes a problem when it interferes with the efforts of the Rangers to find and defuse a bomb planted by Sledge's monsters.


The episode opens up on Sledge's Ship, where Wrench is putting the finishing touches on a powerful bomb, one he plans on using on the Dinosaur Museum. To help this plan move along, Sledge has ordered the release of Smokescreen.

The two go off and put it in the back of Tyler's jeep. However, today is the day of the Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum's Fossil Fun day. Where the museum staff goes to the park and shows the kids a fake fossil excavation. As the rangers get ready to go, Tyler is shocked to see Ivan in the same long trench coat he has (After coming in on a white horse), which Shelby thinks looks better on Ivan than Tyler. The two then start to pull pranks on one another. However, Smokescreen and Sledge do the next best thing, Smokescreen will use his fog powers and Wrench will set off the bomb, destroying the rangers. The deal is done quicker as Ivan and Tyler's rivalry causes a flawless escape.

The rangers track the two to a nearby quarry where the rangers destroy Smokescreen using the Dino Spike, while Ivan's riding it. Sledge orders the magna beam to be fired and Smokescreen is super sized. Koda and Shelby summon their zords so Tyler can fight Smokescreen with the Dino Charge Megazord, and the others go take care of the bomb. Ivan stays behind to help Tyler with the Ptera Zord, creating the Dino Charge Megazord: Tri-Stego-Ptera formation. The duo manages to destroy Smokescreen with an electrified slash of the Stego Saber. At the same time, the remaining four rangers find the bomb, with plenty of time to spare before it goes off. However, Sledge orders the Magna beam to be fired again, and the bomb becomes too big for the rangers to move.

Tyler and Ivan show up with the new Megazord configuration, take the bomb up to the upper levels of the atmosphere, and toss it right at Sledge's ship. However the ship's weapons are able to destroy the bomb, just before it hits.

The episode ends with Tyler and Ivan's friendship, now becoming a problem for the other rangers.


Dino Chargers


  • The locations in which they fought Smokescreen were tremendously different in terms of visuals. (This is because the original footage used was in an ordinary grassy quarry while the stock footage was shot in an abandoned construction site with giant pillars coming out of the ground, located in a rock quarry.) Naturally this would not count as an error, but the two places look so different in this episode that the scenes appear to be mismatching.
  • Before calling out their zords, there is a strange echo on the rangers' voices.


  • The viewing figures for this episode are only 1.008 million viewers - the lowest rating for a new episode on Nickelodeon.
  • This episode has footage of the Dino Charge Megazord that is not from Kyoryuger. The footage in question is of the Megazord grabbing the bomb and throwing it at Sledge's Ship.

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