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This article is about a/an weapon in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Sword of Power

Tommy with the Sword of Power

The Sword of Power is a weapon that only appears in the episode "The Green Dream". Its purpose, powers and origins are unknown, but it can presumably be used to strengthen a Ranger's powers, based on statements made in the episode, but it should be noted that Tommy said this while under a mind control spell cast by Goldar. It can be only be summoned when all six Rangers are together, using the call "Sword, of Power!".

Commonly mistaken for both the Sword of Darkness used by the Evil Green Ranger, and the Sword of Light, but it should be noted that they are all separate and distinct entities, though all appeared in episodes of the original Power Rangers series, Mighty Morphin.

In the original draft script, Zedd claims the Sword of Power was created from the remains of the Sword of Darkness.It is stated by the announcer's intro to The Green Dream episode, claiming it to be the Sword of Darkness.

Following the destruction of the Power Camber, it is currently unknown where there sword currently resides or if it was destroyed along with the chamber itself.


  • The Sword of Power also makes an appearance in Super Sentai World, where it's used by Saigan, one of the villains.
  • French dub called it "épée de justice" ("Sword of Justice"), which was also the French name for.

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