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The Rangers with the Sword of Light.

The Sword of Light is an ancient artifact covered in dazzling jewels located on the Deserted Planet in the Furthest Galaxy. It has the ability to transfer the Powers and Power Coins from an existing Power Ranger or Rangers to new ones. It was used to transfer the Ranger powers from Jason, Zack, and Trini, to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha. Commonly mistaken for the Sword of Darkness and the Sword of Power, but it should be noted that all three are separate and distinct entities. They are not all the same sword, though they are present in the same series part (Mighty Morphin). It is never said why this was needed then (other than for the plot of the episode) and not needed in future "power transfers" like A Different Shade of Pink and Passing The Torch.

Following the destruction of the Power Chamber the sword's current whereabouts are unknown.

In the comic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Pink, the Sword of Light is revealed to still be in the possession of Zordon and Alpha. It is used as a device to temporarily restore and upgrade the powers of past Power Rangers Kimberly Hart, Trini and Zack. It was later stolen and used to power Goldar's War Zord Typhonis before being later recovered and returned to the Command Center.