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This article is about a/an song in Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

  • Lyricist = Yoshii Masaru
  • Composer / Arranger = Watanabe Michiaki (a.k.a. Watanabe Chuumei)
  • Singer = Sasaki Isao, Koorogi'73

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Pa-ya-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-ya-pa-pa

Kaze wo kitte Go Go
Kumo wo kitte Go Go
Red Mashiin wa
Tsuppashiru Tsuppashiru
Bakuon Go Go Go Go
Daichi wo kette
Ikare Ware-ra no Akarenjaa
Janpu da (Janpu! Janpu!)
Supin da (Supin! Supin!)
Reddo Mashiin wa teki wo kiru

Umi wo koete Go Go
Mizu wo kitte Go Go
Buruu Mashin wa
Tsuppashiru Tsuppashiru
Daibu da Go Go Go Go
Naminori koete
Susume Ware-ra no Aorenjaa
Shuuto da (Shuuto! Shuuto!)
Taan da (Taan! Taan!)
Buruu Mashiin wa teki wo kiru

Pa-ya-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-ya-pa-pa

Yama wo koete Go Go
Tani wo koete Go Go
Guriin Mashiin wa
Tsuppashiru Tsuppashiru
Dasshu da Go Go Go Go
Iwabuchi yaburi

Ikare Ware-ra no midorenjaa
Katto da (Katto! Katto!)
Suraido (Suraido! Suraido!)
Gurin Mashiin wa teki wo kiru

Pa-ya-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-ya-pa-pa

Cutting Through the wind Go Go
Cutting Thru the clouds Go Go
Is the Red Machine
Racing forwrd
With the roar of your machine Go Go Go
Race through the ground
With your fury Redranger
Jump Jump! Jump!
Spin Spin! Spin!
Tear through your enimies Red Machine

Beyound the sea Go Go
Beyound the waters Go Go
Moving Quickly
Is the Blue Machine
Dive Go Go Go Go
Beyound the Surf
Charges the Blueranger
Shoot Shoot! Shoot!
Turn Turn! Turn!
Tear thru your enimies Blue Machine

Pa-ya-pa-pa-pa Pa-pa-ya-pa-pa

Beyond the mountains Go Go
Beyond the Valley Go Go
Is the Green Machine
Movine quickly
Dash Go Go Go Go
Never let them escape

With your fury Greenranger)
Burn them Burn! Burn!
Slide Slide! Slide!
Tear thru your enimies Green Machine

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