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This article is about a/an song in Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

Susume! Gorenger (Dash! Gorenger) was written by Shotaro Ishinomori as the opening song for Himitsu Sentai Gorenger. The song is interpreted in a heroic male voice, encouraging through the words of the lyrics, seemingly cheered on by what seems to be a child's voice (actually a female singer) and later the voices of a group of children as is typical of children's shows of the time.

  • Lyricist = Ishinomori Shoutarou 
  • Composer / Arranger = Watanabe Michiaki 
  • Singer = Sasaki Isao, Horie Mitsuko, Columbia Yurikago-Kai

Romanized Lyrics

Note: Bold text indicates verses used during opening

Original Japanese lyrics Japanese romanization Approximate translation into English

真っ赤な太陽 仮面に受けて
願いは一つ 青い空
黄色い砂塵 渦巻く街に
吹かせ緑の 明日の風を
五つの力を 一つに合わせて

真っ赤な血潮 怒りに燃えて
誓いを一つ 青い海
黄色い落ち葉 舞い散る森に
伸ばせ緑の 希望の(みき)
五つの力を 一つに合わせて

真っ赤な闘志 拳に込めて
祈りは一つ 青い鳥
黄色い夕闇 迫る大地を
照らせ緑の 朝の()へ 
五つの力を 一つに合わせて
足並み揃え いざ友よ

Makka na taiyō kamen ni ukete!
Negai wa hitotsu aoi sora!
Kīroi sajin... uzumaku machi ni!
Pinku no hoho no go-nin no senshi!
Fukase midori no ashita no kaze wo!
(Gō! Go Gō! )
Itsutsu no chikara wo hitotsu ni awasete
Sakebe Shōri no otakebi wo!
Himitsu Sentai Gorenjā!

Makka na chishio ikari ni moete!
Chikai wa hitotsu aoi umi!
Kīroi ochiba... maiochiru mori ni!
Pinku no hana no go-nin no senshi!
Nobase midori no kibō no miki wo!
(Gō! Go Gō! )
Itsutsu no chikara wo hitotsu ni awasete
Narase Heiwa no niji no kane!
Himitsu Sentai Gorenjā!

Makka na tōshi kobushi ni komete!
Inori wa hitotsu aoi tori!
Kīroi yūyami... semaru daichi wo!
Pinku no hoshi no go-nin no senshi!
Terase midori no asa no hi e!
(Gō! Go Gō! )
Itsutsu no chikara wo hitotsu ni awasete
Ashi namisoroe iza tomo yo!
Himitsu Sentai Gorenjā!

The crimson sun... receiving the mask!
One prayer for a blue sky!
The yellow sand... swirling all over town!
Pink cheeks of the five warriors!
Blow through the green winds of tomorrow!
(Go! Go-Go!!)
As the five powers are combined into one
Shout out the war cry of Victory!
Secret Squadron Go Ranger!

The crimson blood... burning through the rage!
There is one oath for a blue sea!
The yellow leaves... fluttering in the forest!
Pink flowers of the five warriors!
Extend the green tree trunk of Hope!
(Go! Go-Go!!)
As the five powers are combined into one
Learn through the rainbow bell of Peace!
Secret Squadron Go Ranger!

The crimson fighting spirit... loading up in the fist!
One prayer for a blue bird!
The yellow twilight... approaching on Earth!
Pink stars of the five warriors!
Shine away to the green morning fire!
(Go! Go-Go!!)
As the five powers are combined into one
One step away from reaching to our friends
Secret Squadron Go Ranger!

Other Usages


To commemorate the 35th anniversary of Super Sentai, Columbia Records and NIPPONOPHONE released the 7 volume soundtrack Super Sentai Theme Songs Collection for digital download on iTunes on July 20, 2011. Susume! Gorenger was part of the Volume 1 collection.


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