This article is about a/an list of weapons, devices, and vehicles in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman.

This page lists all the weapons, devices, and vehicles used by the Dynamen. Below is the inventory, which also reflects on the Dynaman series page as well as the team page of the Dynamen.

Transformation DevicesEdit

Dyna BraceEdit

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Dyna SuitsEdit


Dyna RodsEdit


Dyna Rod

Dyna Rod (ダイナロッド Daina Roddo): The team's sidearm. It fires an attack specific to their respective Dynaman.

Individual WeaponsEdit

  • Dyna Swords: Two swords utilized by DynaRed; used in multiple formations such as "Wings of Dreams" (when he uses both swords simultaneously) and "Dream Return" (a special cross-like sword attack. He can also fuse his two swords into a spear-like weapon.
  • Cross Cutter: Two sickle/boomerangs utilized by DynaBlack
  • Battle Tector: A guard that DynaBlack wears over his shoulders, wrists and ankles to both protect and strengthen him. Stated in the 30 Sentai Encyclopedia Special Files as the prototype of "Power Protectors" and ultimately "Super Rangers".
  • Strong Shower: A web-like ribbon DynaBlack can create using ninjutsu from his hands
  • Blue Frisbees: Two frisbees used as weapons and projectiles by DynaBlue
  • Jet Surfin: A four-wheel surfboard-like vehicle used for direct attacks by DynaBlue
  • Attack Board: A surfboard DynaBlue uses to attack even from the sky
  • Chain Crushers: Two maces attached to chains DynaYellow uses for combat.
  • Yellow Bomber: Two mace-like gloves used for short-ranged attacks
  • Rose Saber: A fencing sword used by DynaPink for combat
  • Flower Shield: A flower-shield used by DynaPink
  • Rose Finale: Rose projectiles DynaPink throws like bombs

Dyna PunchEdit

Dyna Punch (ダイナパンチ Daina Panchi): When a Dynaman flexes their arms, their biceps enlarge, allowing them to deliver a powerful punch.

Team AttacksEdit

  • Super Dynamite (スーパーダイナマイト Sūpā Dainamaito): The finishing move of the team. The team jumps high in the air and spin, becoming five balls of light which merge and attacks the enemy.
    • It is known as the Dyna Human Pinwheel in the parody.
  • New Super Dynamite (ニュースーパーダイナマイト Nyū Sūpā Dainamaito): An upgraded version of Super Dynamite. The team uses their "explosion energy" to fly high into the air, link together and spin like a tornado absorbing their explosive power before smashing into an enemy like a meteor.
  • Mach Dash (マッハダッシュ Mahha Dasshu): Rockets on their boots that make them run faster.
  • Dyna Kicks (ダイナキック Daina Kikku): The team delivers consecutive kicks.
  • Rod Spark (ロッドスパーク Roddo Supāku): The Dyna Rods are put together and flash.
  • Rod Beam (ロッドビーム Roddo Bīmu): The team fires their Dyna Rods together.


Dyna FalconEdit


Dyna Falcon

Dyna Falcon (ダイナファルコン Daina Farukon): Dyna Red's motorcycle.

  • It is known as the Dyna Bike in the parody.

Dyna MachineEdit


Dyna Machine

Dyna Machine (ダイナマシーン Daina Mashīn): A truck for the rest of the team.

  • It is known as the Dyna Truck in the parody.

Surf JetEdit


Surf Jet

Surf Jet (サーフジェット Sāfu Jetto): A surfboard type vechicle that Dyna Blue uses.

  • It is known as the Dyna Water Board in the parody.


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Transformation DevicesEdit


Individual WeaponsEdit

  • Dyna Swords
  • Cross Cutter
  • Battle Tector
  • Strong Shower
  • Blue Frisbees
  • Jet Surfin'
  • Attack Board
  • Chain Crushers
  • Yellow Bomber
  • Rose Saber
  • Flower Shield
  • Rose Finale


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