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This article is about a/an kids meal toyline in the Super Sentai series.
Mcdonald's Happy Set
Show Super Sentai Series
Debut year: 2011 (Sentai Toys)
Released by: McDonald's
Production Order

Super Sentai Happy Set Toys are toys produced by the fast food chain McDonalds.[1] It is the Japanese counterpart to America's Happy Meal Toys. In 2007, Toei and Toei Animation signed a deal allowing McDonalds to sell toys based on their properties such as the shows of their Sunday Kids TV block: Pretty Cure, Super Sentai, and Kamen Rider.

As part of promoting the Dice-O arcade game, the fast food chain also gave away special Dice-O collectible cards which could be used to unlock power-ups or other features in the game.


It's time for McBuster

Go-Busters Happy Set

  • Red Buster Sunglasses Mask
  • CB-01
  • Sougan Blade (Binoculars Mode)
  • Cheeda Nick (Bike Mode)
  • CB-01 Animal Mode
  • Go-Buster Oh



Kyoryuger Happy Set

  • Deinochaser Kyoryu Red
  • Gabutyra
  • Kyoryuzin
  • Gabutyra Zyudenchi



ToQger Happy Set

  • ToQ 1gou
  • Rainbow Pass
  • ToQ 1Gou w/ Rail Slasher
  • ToQOh
  • ToQ Changer
  • Red Ressha



Ninninger Happy Set

  • AkaNinger
  • OtomoNin Shuriken: Red
  • Shinobimaru
  • Shurikenjin
  • AoNinger
  • Ninja StarBurger

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