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This article is about a/an ending theme in Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2.

Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Item matoi seichi wo kakeru
Atsuki chishio no nanori kan copy
(Ja jan ×2)
Hiyayakana me to tatakaitsuzukeru
Bokura ima demo Nichi-Asa no ko sa

Eiga event oyako ni magire
Ohitorisama demo are? Hitori ja nai!!

Subarashiki Super Sentai
Robo ga fuetara sugu ni kau ze
Sono ato wa super pinch
Itai toki demo Don’t worry Be happy ♪

Rekidai cast hissatsu waza mo
Naka no hito demo surasura ieru
(Ba ban ×2)
Rare na demono wa sukasazu hogoshite
Kono me ochiru wa kokoro no ase da

Check shitemita karaoke rireki
Narabu moe kyoku wa hora! Hitori ja nai!!

Tataetai Super Sentai
Figure atereko hito ni mirare
Masa ni kore super pinch
Itai toki hodo Don’t worry Be happy ♪

Subarashiki Super Sentai
Timeline wa atsui matsuri
Bokutachi no superhero
Itai toki demo Don’t worry Be happy ♪

Clad in items, running on the sacred grounds
A complete copy in the name of hot blood
(Tada × 2)
Fighting continuously with cold eyes
We are now still children of Nichi-Asa

Movies, events, blending with parents and kids
Even if you’re alone, eh? You’re not alone!!

Wonderful Super Sentai
When there’s a new robot I’ll buy it immediately
After that I’ll be in a super pinch
Even when you’re in pain, don’t worry, be happy ♪

Be it the historical cast, or the finishing moves
Or the people inside, I can easily say them all
(Bang × 2)
Promptly getting hold of rare goods
Falling form these eyes is the sweat of my heart

I checked the karaoke archives
The hot songs line-up, look! I’m not alone!!

Praise the Super Sentai
Figure-voicing, seen by others
This is undoubtedly a super pinch
Till it’s painful, don’t worry, be happy ♪

Wonderful Super Sentai
Timelines are warm festivals
Our superhero
Even when you’re in pain, don’t worry, be happy ♪


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