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Bandai America released a series of Power Rangers Super Megaforce items late of 2013 in preparation for the arrival of the series in 2014.

Legendary Morpher

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The Legendary Morpher is a toy of the morpher used to transform into a Super Megaforce Ranger. It is used with the Legendary Ranger Keys to transform into past Rangers. It comes with the Super Megaforce Red key and the Mighty Morphin' Red key. A power switch on the back activates a sound when turned on. Pressing the key pad additionally makes dialing sounds. Inserting and turning a Legendary Ranger Key activates voice and sound as well. Many keys get two sounds. Additionally, there are sounds that are only activated once multiple keys have been used in series. A red LED lights up in time with the sound effects.

A deluxe editions were released. There was a version where the symbol was gold. There was also an edition where the regular morpher was released along with numerous amounts of Ranger Keys that were included.

It uses 3 LR44 batteries for power.

Legendary Ranger Keys

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The Legendary Ranger Keys are similar to their Super Sentai counterparts with a few differences:

  • They are spring loaded so they are easier to open
  • They are smaller
  • SM key
    They have a Matrix code on the back for the app

Deluxe Super Mega Blaster

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The Deluxe Super Mega Blaster is the blaster used by the Super Mega rangers. It comes with a Super Megaforce Green key.

Deluxe Super Mega Saber

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Deluxe Super Mega Saber

The Deluxe Super Mega Saber is the sword used by the Super Mega rangers. The toy has red, green, and blue LED color lights. It also comes with a Super Megaforce Blue key.

5" Action Figures[1]

5'' Figures PRSM
  • Red Super Megaforce Ranger
  • Blue Super Megaforce Ranger
  • Green Super Megaforce Ranger
  • Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger
  • Pink Super Megaforce Ranger
  • Prince Vekar

5" Action Hero Figures

  • Zeo Red Ranger
  • Zeo Gold Ranger
  • MMPR Green Ranger
  • MMPR White Ranger
  • MMPR Red Ranger
  • Megaforce Red Ranger
  • Robo Knight
  • Turbo Red Ranger
  • In Space Red Ranger
  • Lost Galaxy Red Ranger
  • Lightspeed Rescue Red Ranger
  • Titanium Ranger
  • Time Force Red Ranger
  • Time Force Quantum Ranger
  • Wild Force Red Ranger
  • Wild Force Lunar Wolf Ranger
  • Ninja Storm Red Ranger
  • Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger
  • Dino Thunder Red Ranger
  • SPD Red Ranger
  • SPD Omega Ranger
  • Mystic Force Red Ranger
  • Operation Overdrive Red Ranger
  • Jungle Fury Red Ranger
  • RPM Red Ranger
  • Samurai Red Ranger (both original and Super Samurai modes)
  • Samurai Gold Ranger

Double Battle Action Figure

  • Double Battle Action Red Ranger
  • Double Battle Action Blue Ranger
  • Double Battle Action Green Ranger

Armored Might Figures

  • Mighty Morphin Red
  • Mighty Morphin Green
  • Mighty Morphin White
  • Megaforce Red
  • Super Megaforce Red
  • Super Megaforce Silver



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