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Stroke of Fate is the fifteenth episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai, the second season of Power Rangers Samurai. This episode marks the only appearance of the Samurai Shark Gigazord, and the final appearance of Serrator.


When Serrator asks Deker to fulfill the final piece of his destructive plans, Antonio begs Deker to reconsider his role in the battle between humans and the Nighlok.




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  • This episode was first shown in Latin America on 24th August 2012. It aired in Canada on 27th October 2012.
  • This episode marks the only time Emily uses the LightZord
  • Bulk's hand/body motions as he picks up a handful of gumballs in the same manner as the Power Morphers and shouts "It's Chewing Time" is a spoof of the original morphing sequence for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: "It's Morphin Time". There's even a close head shot.
  • During the meagzord battle with Serrator he says "Watch how I get my kicks". He is the second monster in Power Rangers to use this line. Grumblebee used a similar line, almost word for word, in the megazord battle during "The Wedding" during the third season of Mighty Morphin.

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