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Storybook Rangers is the 48th and 49th episodes of Season 2 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


Part 1

Everyone finds a favorite book at the school book fair but Rita's got her own story to write. Tommy, Kimberly, and Rocky become trapped in a storybook, and it's up to Billy, Adam, and Aisha to rescue their friends.

Part 2

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Part 1

At Angel Grove High School, the school's book fair begins. Kimberly Ann Hart finds a book titled Grumble the Magic Elf, a story her father once read to her when she was a kid. Rita Repulsa get the idea to make Kimberly apart of the Fairy Tale trapping her, Tommy and Rocky in the book. The trapped Rangers begin their quest to escape the book.

Part 2

The Rangers continue their quest to escape the book as the remaining Rangers battle Lord Zedd's monster in Angel Grove.




  • Adam's Power Axe does not have an opening by the blade area.
  • When Baboo says "This is gonna be fun!", the shot is mirrored, as his monocle is on his right eye and the Z emblems on the Putties behind him and Squatt are mirrored.


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