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Storm Before the Calm is the two-part finale of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.


Lothor opens the Abyss of Evil, bringing back all of his past monsters and generals. The Rangers defeat them with the help of the freed ninja students. After losing their powers, the Wind Rangers defeat Lothor for good by using their own inner ninja powers.


Part 1

Lothor solidifies his plans to open the Abyss of Evil and unleash its forces on the world, as predicted by the Scroll of Destiny he stole years ago.

The gang kick back and head to the US Action Games, where they are scheduled to compete in events. They encounter Marah and Kapri, who have found the Abyss of Evil right near the US Action Games. Marah and Kapri then give Vexacus a scroll of empowerment, so he can grow and battle the Rangers.

Because Cam's Samurai Amulet has frozen, the Wind and Thunder Rangers have to form the Thunderstorm Megazord. They destroy him, but they lose the Mammoth Zord and Thunder Megazord, and seemingly, the Thunder Rangers. Lothor captures Cyber Cam, who was out fixing an earlier sabotage to the Samurai Star hangar. He uses Cyber Cam to find Ninja Ops. Once there, he trashes the place and leaves with Cam in custody. The Wind Rangers get back to Ninja Ops, only to find it trashed, with no trace of their friends.

Part 2

Sensei Watanabe emerges from the wreckage, back to human form due to one of Lothor's blasts. Blake and Hunter also show up. Sensei shows the Rangers part of the Scroll of Destiny, which shows that they were always meant to become Power Rangers.

The Thunder Rangers infiltrate Lothor's ship, which is about to self-destruct. Lothor unleashes his Zord, and uses it to open the Abyss of Evil. The Thunders find Cam, Marah and Kapri tied up. They rescue them, free the ninja students, and fight their way off the ship as it explodes. The Storm Megazord battles Lothor's zord. They barely manage to beat it, but in the process, the Megazord is destroyed.

The Rangers were unable to prevent the abyss from opening, and find themselves surrounded by old enemies they had destroyed. The Thunder Rangers show up, and bring along some backup - the ninja students. A battle royale ensues. In the end, only Lothor is left, and he defeats Shane's Battlizer and uses Cam's Samurai Amulet to steal the Ranger powers. The Wind Rangers defeat Lothor with their inner ninja powers, sending him hurling into the abyss, but they lose their Ranger powers forever.

The US Action Games reopen and are a success. The Rangers graduate from the Wind Ninja Academy. Hunter is going to become head teacher at the Thunder Ninja Academy, and Blake is going to pursue a motocross career. Cam welcomes the new ninja students, among which are Marah and Kapri. Luckily, the Wind Academy has three new teachers - Shane, Dustin, and Tori.


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