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Now Departing! Build-Dai-Oh (出発!ビルドダイオー Shuppatsu! Birudo Daiō) is the nineteenth episode of Ressha Sentai ToQger. This is the debut appearance of Build DaiOh.


While Tokatti is trying to befriend Akira, the Ressha gets trapped in a mine collapse orchestrated by a Kurainer Robo, forcing Tokatti and Akira to work together to find ToQ 6gou's personal Ressha.


While working on the railway, Akira acquires a new Ressha from the Rainbow Line and proceeds to master driving it. Learning of Akira's sudden disappearance, the ToQgers attempt to find him. Tokatti finds him first as he tries to befriend Akira one-on-one. But as Tokatti sees that Akira has completely taken the new Ressha's cockpit apart to set in a pulley system, they learn the Ressha is under attack by a Kurainer Robo under the control of Fence Shadow. Though the two attempt to help, the Kurainer Robo forcefully equips the Drill Ressha and buries the Ressha. Akira and Tokatti are forced to escape, with the latter remembering that he was a transfer student the others befriended. Akira now understands his resolve to befriend him, while telling him that they can best help the others with the Build Ressha. After finishing the remodeling, ToQ 6gou uses the Build Ressha to free the Ressha and save its occupants from suffocation. After the ToQgers defeat Fence Shadow with a Rock Slide variation of the Rainbow Rush, the ToQgers enter the Build Ressha as it reconfigures into Build Dai-Oh. Reclaiming the Drill Ressha, Build Dai-Oh becomes Build Dai-Oh Drill and destroys Fence Shadow with its Shovel Drill Double Crash attack. Upon realizing he was forcing a friendship with Akira, Tokatti sees Akira's resolve to help him and his friends reach their hometown as the ToQgers go to the Ressha to enjoy some bento.


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ToQger 19 - All Transfer Change

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DVD/Blu-ray releases

Ressha Sentai ToQger Volume 5 features episodes 17-20: Station 17: The Sky After the Rain, Station 18: And What Do We Call You?, Station 19: Now Departing! Build-Dai-Oh and Station 20: Smiling Is Dangerous.

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