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Diabolico, Olympius and Egg

Diabolico and Prince Olympius: The two known holders of the Star Power.

The Star Power is an ancient immense/limitless source of power in the shape of a red star-like gem. It was once the source for Diabolico's power. Later, the Star Power became Impus', allowing him to mature into Prince Olympius, after Diabolico was destroyed by the Lightspeed Solarzord (a combination the Lightspeed Megazord and Max Solarzord). Prince Olympius used the Star Power to create a demon illusion dimension for Vilevine, Freezard, and Infinitor. After being banished by a revived Diabolico, Olympus absorbed the spirits of defeated demons to increase his Star Power and transform. Jinxer would then brainwash Captain Mitchell into transferring the Lightspeed Aquabase's power to Olympus, increasing his power further. After Mitchell was freed from Jinxer's spell, the Star Power's strength went down, allowing the Rangers to defeat Olympus. Though Olympus survived, the Star Power had been destroyed forever.

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