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Red alert WARNING: This episode contains scenes of gun violence. Viewer discretion is advised!

Sniping ~Golu Maagi~ is the thirty-seventh episode of Mahou Sentai Magiranger. It is the beginning of the two-part battle between the Magiranger and Hades God Cyclops.


Makito confronts Tsubasa about his obligation to the family just as the siblings are targeted by Infershia's best sniper.


In the last episode, the family had discovered that their mother is alive but the Infreshia Gods have arrived and Sungel tells them that the Gods will destroy everything and the humans shouldn't interfere. Tsubasa confronts him and asks if they should just wait for them to be destroyed. Kai brings out the possibility that the gods might have their mother. Hikaru says he will fight, since he is not of the surface world. Wyvern is interested that Vankyuria has become two, they explain she got bored from being alone. Wyvern decides to introduce her to everyone, the first being Ifrit, who is fighting Titan. Toad is hungry and eating High zobiru. With Cyclops and him, there are Five Warrior Gods. Sphinx stops the fight. Gorgon comes over and scolds Titan. Gorgon's snakes snap at the two. The two Ultimate Gods are Slepiner and Drake. Dagon is the leader. Dagon, Sphinx and Gorgon are the Three Wise Gods. Dagon tells Wyvern he talks too much. Nai and Mea are scared. Dagon wants to squish her. Vankyuria flies in front of Dagon to plead her case. He tells her to do as she likes. The Slab of Judgment lights up and the ten circle around. Wyvern scolds Vankyria. Ifrit is chosen to go on the surface. Back at the Ozu house, Houka complains to Urara who is baking in the kitchen. She says things aren't good. The sky becomes dark and the aurora appears again. Irit is attacking the city with fire. He collects the fire and puts in a torch. When it burns out, they should just await death. Travelion appears and tries wrapping him but is unable to. MagiShine is knocked out of the robot and Ifrit shrinks to human size. The sky clears and they fight. Shine is knocked on a car. He gets up and blasts him but it evaporates. The five come to his aid. They question him about their mother. He says if they fight him and win, he will tell them. Hikaru stops them in place and tells them not to fight him. Ifrit talks about the legend Hikaru knows, that all will be destroyed if they fight the gods, including Magitopia. Ifrit leaves in a blaze of fire. Urara thinks it is just a legend as she takes out what she baked. In the secret room, Hikaru thinks they don't understand. Kai grabs him by the collar and Hikaru asks if he doesn't care about Magitopia. Kai asks if he doesn't care what happens to Miyuki. He says because he's not family. Hikaru punches him down. The others hold Kai back. Back in the Infershia, Urara happily comes in with apple pie and tea. Wyvern says the dark precept is that the gods always follow the rules they make. Hikaru says he is not in the mood for apple pie, Urara pulls him to the table and he treats her harshly. The tea cup breaks and she goes to pick up the pieces. She is still happy in front of Hikaru. But crying when she leaves them. Houka shoves pie in his face and asks nicely. He takes the plate and sits down. When he tastes it, his outlook changes. It is delicious, he eats more. It is their mother's recipe. When fighting between them escalated, she would bring them apple pie. She used to say that their feelings of irritation will wash away as they eat something sweet. Makito said he forgot about this. Urara says she baked it for him. He goes to her in the kitchen. She walks to him and tells him of the crumb on his face. He takes it off and laughs. They share a laugh. He grabs her arm when she walks away. He tells her Miyuki should be saved by them. There is no reason to give up because Bragel didn't. He says the pie made them remember. Urara shies away when the others are at the doorway. He reassures them that they can fight together. Outside, the tower is extinguishing and it crumples. Ifrit returns. He creates a large fireball. The crowd runs away. Wvyern and Vankyuria watch. The Magiranger knock him back and the ball disappear. MagiShine joins them. Ifrit lights a street light and when it is done, one of them must be alive to win. Kai's fire is useless. Green tries his attack but its burned away. Shine explains. Ifrit attacks all six. Blue gets up and does a little speech. She gets a new spell as #1 on her DialRod lights up. She splashes the god with water, he evaporates it. Shine does a direct hit on him. He figured to do it when he didn't glare up. He and Urara worked together. Ifrit becomes bigger. They form MagiLegend. Travelion punches him endlessly and he goes down. MagiLegend does its finisher and he absorbs it. Wyvern shows Ifrit that his fire is out. Dagon shoots him from the slab, because he failed his Dark Precept. Kai asks about his mother. Ifrit says to defeat the god with the thorn garden but he doesn't reveal which one and dies. Rocks fall on Vankyuria. Wyvern leaves, saying the precept must be obeyed or N.Ma won't be reborn. The six look at the sunset and are sure they can save the day and rescue their mother and overcome any challenge. Hikaru turns to Urara and touches her head and says as long as they have her pie. She smiles.


Guest Cast

Spells Used


  • Pre-Ending Spell: Golu Maagi (Earth armor for MagiGreen)
  • It's been hinted in this episode that Makito studied English.

DVD releases

Magiranger DVD Vol 10

Magiranger Volume 10, DVD cover

Mahou Sentai Magiranger Volume 10 features episodes 37-40: Stage 37: Sniping, Stage 38: A Promise With Big Brother, Stage 39: Inverse Brother and Sister and Stage 40: The Gorgon's Garden. [1]

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