The Spirit World is the afterlife of Orgs where they are sent after being destroyed in battle. Duke Org Onikage trapped the Wild Force Rangers here with his dark powers, but they were freed and able to destroy him when the Pegasus Megazord was created and arrived to aid them. Toxica was also sent her after falling in battle due to being used as a living shield by Mandilok, but was rescued by Jindrax. Master Org subsequently revived apparently mindless versions of Retinax, Nayzor, and Mandilok from the Spirit World to guard The Nexus while he completed his new Org Heart, but they were soon destroyed by the Rangers. Since then, the Spirit World is presumed to be the final state of all Orgs destroyed by the Rangers.

The Spirit World is also the place of all who die in Power Rangers Jungle Fury. It is inhabited by masters like Master Rilla, Master Lope, Master Guin, and Master Mao. It is also inhabited by monsters that the power rangers have defeated


  • The Spirit World is similar to the Shadow World, Abyss of Evil, and Nighlok Heaven as a place where destroyed villains end up with the potential to be revived. It is unknown whether or not there is any connection between these realms.