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Spin Transform Shuriken Ball (回転変身シュリケンボール Kaiten Henshin Shuriken Bōru) is an item used by Sky Ninja Shurikenger, normally thrown at a person to copy their appearance. He would shout "Tenkuu, Shinobi Change!" (天空・シノビチェンジ! Tenkū Shinobi Chenji!) to return to his true form, often surprising those around him.

By using the Shuriken Ball as a weapon, Shurikenger can perform the Super Ninpou: Clone Miracle Ball (超忍法・分身魔球 Chō Ninpō: Bunshin Makyū) where he throws the ball as a projectile and it multiplies, and Double Clone Miracle Ball (ダブル分身魔球 Daburu Bunshin Makyū) (with HurricaneRed, he uses a green baseball) attack.

Within the Shuriken Ball is Shurikenger's personal Shinobi Medal. It is also placed in a slot while Shurikenger is in Tenkuujin and is used to transform it into its Karakuri Giant form with the command of "Flight Transform!"

In the finale after one of his baseballs is stuck to the device the Jakanja was using to drain the energy stolen from humans, Shurikenger gave the Shurikenball to Hurricane Red just before he self-destructed himself and Tenkuujin to stop a rampaging Sixth Spear, enabling the Hurricanegers and Gouraigers to get past the Jakanja's barrier allowing them to enter their hideout, the Centipede.


Tenkai transforms.

Ten years later, the Shuriken Ball was used by a boy named Tenkai to transform into the new Shurikenger. Ninpuu Sentai Hurricaneger: 10 YEARS AFTER

Transformation Sequence

When Tenkai transformed into Shurikenger, the transformation was in real time, with the same green burst of light coming from the Shuriken Ball forming his suit from the top to the bottom, foregoing the transformation sequence.


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