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Spidertron was a spider monster created by Finster. He serves as the main antagonist of the episode "Itsy Bitsy Spider".


Spidertron was created by Finster. Rita hid him in the statue of the wood spirit in the park. Spidertron put the dream spell on the everyone who came close to the statue. When Zack with his students came to the park to practic karate, Spidertron put the dream spell on everyone, except Zack. Spidertron went out the statue and it is revealed that Zack panically fears insects, especially spiders. When the other rangers came Zack eventually defeated his fear and helped the rangers to stop the monster. Together they defeated the spider monster on the ground, as Zack used the Power Axe. Rita enlarged the monster. In the giant form, Spidertron could shoot energy web and color lightnings from his mouth. Spidertron trapped Megazord in his trap and reflected the ray of Mastodon Dinozord. However the rangers formed for the first time Dragonzord Battle Mode and used their weapon to finally defeat the monster. Spidertron was destroyed by Staff of Megazord. After he was destroyed the statue returned to the original form and was undamaged.
Spidertron clay


Spidertron, like many other monsters is highly cunning, deceptive and unpredictable. He is very strong and recourseful and was a strong opponent for the rangers, even despite they eventually defeated him. Spidertron is also, like many her minions, is very faithful to Rita.

Powers and Abilities

  • Web Creating: Spidertron can ensnare his opponents with powerful web.
  • Superhuman Strength: He was shown to be very strong when he threw the Dragonzord around after catching it in a net.
  • Color Lightnings: Spidertron can shoot color lightnings from his mouth.

Behind The Scenes

Voice Actor

Spidertron is voiced by Tom Wyner.


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