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"I guess this treasure is about to get buried!"
―Spell Digger's final words before his death.[src]
"Magna Beam! There goes your wealth! Now I'll take your health!"
―After being grown from the Magna Beam[src]

Spell Digger is a curse-themed hybrid monster serving Heckyl.

Character History

Spell Digger is a hybrid outlaw with the head of Gold Digger and the body of Spellbinder minus the cape. He was created by Fury and Wrench who combined Spellbinder's pendant with Gold Digger's coins. Heckyl used Spell Digger to spread greed to anyone who comes in contact with his gold coins, as his magic allowed him to curse them and make them detrimental. His mentality is a merge of both outlaws and he has access to both of their weapons. Because of his unusual creation, he was initially confused on what are his abilities were in the first place, but eventually figured them out. Though he puts up a good fight, he is eventually defeated by T-Rex Super Charger Red Ranger Tri-Ankylo Formation, Spell Digger is enlarged before being destroyed by Plesio Charge Megazord Pachy-Rex Formation.Riches and Rags

At the Halloween Intergalactic Court, the ghosts of Spellbinder and Gold Digger reference their fusion of Spell Digger to Scumlaw and the Halloween Intergalactic Court.Trick or Trial


Spell Digger's personality is very goofy and childlike much like Gold Digger's, yet taunting and serious at times much like Spellbinder's.


  • Golden Pickaxe: Just like Gold Digger beforehand, Spell Digger is armed with a golden Pickaxe for close melee combat.
  • Cursed Gold Coins: he used these coins on the victims which caused them to have the case of greed, but the curse will be removed once Spell Digger is defeated.
  • Magic Pendant (as Magic Portal): Spell Digger can absorb anything into it ever since it was modified by Wrench.

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