This article is about a/an lair in Power Rangers Turbo, the third installment in the Zordon Era .
Space Base

The Space Base

The Space Base appeared in Power Rangers Turbo and functioned as Divatox's command base starting from the episode: The Darkest Day.

Built by General Havoc on request from Divatox, the Space Base was an artificial planetoid that was recognized by what appeared to be twisted roads that encircled its surface. It was manned by Chromites and Piranhatrons and contained garages large enough to hold giant robots like Metallosaurus and the captured Turbo Megazord. Divatox's docked Subcraft was the Space Base's main control room, where she continued to use the periscope for surveillance and launched monster-enlarging torpedoes. Its integration also allowed for the installation of an observation deck and a token-powered neutron laser aimed at Earth.

It was not known what happened to the Space Base after the series finished. It presumably floated vacantly in space, after Zordon's Energy Wave destroyed and/or purified the United Alliance of Evil.


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